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9800GT comes by 15th of July

by on20 June 2008


Again, a new card

Geforce 9800GT is another card that Nvidia has up in its sleeve. The PCB of this card looks very much like 9800GTX+ and the card itself has two PCIe power connectors.  

You can be sure that this new G92b 55nm chip will end up crippled and some clusters on the chips will end up disabled. The big difference is that 9800GT can and will come up with a single-slot cooler, while 9800GTX+ has dual.

Nvidia needs this card, as Geforce 8800GT clearly loses against Radeon 4850 and it is about time to try to convince people to buy a new card. We heavily suspect that 9800GT comes with the new 55nm chip and Nvidia will do whatever is within its power to get the performance up to a level where the new card wins against Radeon 4850. That is why they waited for ATI to make the first move.

At this time, the launch date is expected around the 15th of July, but it might be delayed as Geforce 9500, the new entry-level chip, was delayed to late July.

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