Intel sets the date for its new Intel Innovation 2023 event
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A lot of announcements expected on September 19

Intel has set the date for its Intel Innovation event that will be held in San Jose on September 19-20. Hopefully, it will be as interesting as the last one and we'll see plenty of announcements.

Intel orders shedloads of GPUs from TSMC
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Tuesday, 04 April 2023 12:07

Intel orders shedloads of GPUs from TSMC

Believes it has a future

While many people don’t hold out much hope for Intel’s involvement in the GPU market, apparently Chipzilla has ordered a stack of chips from TSMC.

Intel introduces its new Arc brand for graphics products
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Will cover hardware, software, and services  

Intel pulled a rather neat surprise today unveiling its new Intel Arc brand for its upcoming consumer high-performance graphics products, including the upcoming Xe HPG 1st generation graphics card (DG2), as well as future Intel graphics products.