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Intel Battlemage GPUs to launch ahead of holiday shopping season

by on10 April 2024

Intel wants it on the market before November

Intel has so far managed to keep most information about its upcoming Battlemage GPUs well hidden and has only confirmed that these are on track. Now, rumors suggest that Intel aims to launch these GPs before the all-important holiday shopping season, which peaks with Black Friday.

According to a report coming from Computebase, Intel's Battlemage GPUs will launch before Black Friday, which falls on November 29th this year. This does not come as a surprise as there was information that these GPUs will launch this year, and companies always try to have such products on shelves before the holiday shopping spree. Of course, product launches do not always go according to plan, but Intel managed to keep a good track as it had its Alchemist GPUs launch in October 2022, although in quite limited supply.

As said, Intel is keeping pretty tight-lipped about its Battlemage GPUs. Recently, Intel's Tom Petersen said that the team is focused on software development, which is the right way to go as a lot depends on good driver support. He also said that the team is already directed at Celestial, a GPU architecture that comes after Battlemage.

So far, rumors have pointed to two Battlemage GPUs, the BCM-G10 and the BCM-G21, and hopefully, we'll hear more information as we draw closer to the end of the year.

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