Xe HPG is Intel’s high end for 2021
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Friday, 14 August 2020 13:41

Xe HPG is Intel’s high end for 2021

Hardware Ray tracing

Xe LP is a 96 EU GPU inside of Tiger Lake, and it will be the first time Intel gets to decent clock speeds at least at 1.7GHz in the notebook form factor. It is a new architecture that is the part for DG1 and SG1 desktop and server cards. Now Raja Koduri, Intel’s chief architect, announced Xe HPG high-end card for 2021.

Acer thinks the money is in high-margin PCs
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And it is paying off

Acer has been focuing on flogging high-margin PCs including gaming notebooks, ultra-thin models and 2-in-1s, and it appears to be paying off.