ASUS announces launches NUC 14 Performance with Core Ultra 9 185H and RTX 4070
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A business-oriented twin of ROG NUC

ASUS has introduced its newest NUC 14 Performance, a small powerhouse equipped with up to Intel Core Ultra 9 185H CPU and Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 GPU. This puts it in line with ASUS' previously launched ROG NUC.

Galax rolls out low-profile RTX 4060 graphics card
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Dual-slot, triple-fan cooler

Galax has unveiled a rather interesting low-profile graphics card based on AD107 GPU, the Galax RTX 4060 low-profile. Although currently only available in Japan, the new low-profile RTX 4060 could be coming to the rest of the world, as it might be quite popular in the SFF market.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 drops down to $279
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Thursday, 28 March 2024 09:51

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 drops down to $279

Giving the Radeon RX 7600 a run for its money

The Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 has dropped down to $279 for the first time, after being stuck at $299 for quite some time. The new price, which is currently limited to a single Zotac version, puts it against the Radeon RX 7600 (non-XT) which sells for around $250.

How AMD might have helped Nvidia
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Tuesday, 30 January 2024 11:32

How AMD might have helped Nvidia

RX 7600 XT repeats one of Nvidia’s mistakes

AMD has launched a new graphics card that could end up making Nvidia’s offerings look good.

ASUS quietly introduces low-profile Geforce RTX 4060 graphics card
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Dual-slot and with three fans

ASUS has rather silently launched yet another custom Geforce RTX 4060 graphics card, this time in the low-profile form factor, making it interesting for those SFF builds.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 8GB reviews are live
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Roundup: Available tomorrow, starting at $299

Nvidia has lifted the review NDA for the Geforce RTX 4060 8GB graphics. The new Geforce RTX 4060 8GB graphics card is set to be available as of tomorrow June 29th, with $299 MSRP. There is no Founders Edition for the Geforce RTX 4060, so all reviewed graphics cards are custom versions from Nvidia AIC partners.

AMD Radeon RX 7600 drops down to $249.99
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Putting some pressure on Nvidia's RTX 4060 launch

AMD's Radeon RX 7600 graphics card price has decreased to $249.99. This puts it at $20 below MSRP and should put some pressure on Nvidia's upcoming Geforce RTX 4060 graphics card.

MSI launches RTX 4060 lineup without any RGB
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VENTUS 2X Black, and GAMING series SKUs

MSI has launched a couple of new Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 SKUs, but this time around, these have minimal illumination and lack that shiny RGB lighting, the MSI RTX 4060 GAMING X, MSI RTX 4060 GAMING, and two RTX 4060 VENTUS 2X SKUs.

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 (non-Ti) launching on June 29
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Starting at $299

Nvidia has confirmed that the Geforce RTX 4060 (non-Ti) will be launching on June 29th, starting at $299. Unfortunately, Nvidia is still keeping a tight lid on the date for the Geforce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB, which is set to launch in July.

First Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 spotted at Computex show
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MSI RTX 4060 Ventus 2x ready for launch

Nvidia has already announced its entire RTX 4060 series graphics cards, including the already available RTX 4060 Ti 8GB, as well as the RTX 4060 Ti 16GB and RTX 4060 8GB, both of which are scheduled for launch in July. Now at the Computex 2023 show in Taipei, the first RTX 4060 (non-Ti) has been spotted.