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Valve to showcase portal-like VR game

by on08 March 2016

At the Game Developers Conference next week

Valve has sent a brief notification that it plans to unveil a series of free virtual reality “experiments", called  The Lab at the upcoming Game Developers Conference, GDC16 that starts next week in San Francisco..

Those who had a chance to try the Arizona desert demo from HTC / Valve should be aware that there could be some Half-Life like virtual reality experiences coming out of Valve. The Arizona desert demo was probably the first step and we expect that the new Portal-like game shares a lot of elements with the Arizona demo.

Valve has released a Stream VR performance test tool recently showing that you really need to have a Radeon Fury X or a Geforce GTX 970 or faster GPU to enjoy the Vive VR glasses.

Both Oculus and Vive need a more polishing but the real issue is the limited amount of content available. This is a general problem for new and cool technology. You have to build them and end users will come, but this is a huge financial gamble for gaming studios who are still unimpressed with potential of Virtual Reality market in 2016.

Oculus and Vive will attract ultra high end gamers who invest a few thousand USD or Euro in their systems but it will probably be a few generations before the mainstream and normal gamers start jumping on board. Having a portal like game or at least something to play with might help the adoption rate a bit.


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