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Microsoft plans to take control of VR without making a headset

by on01 June 2016

Windows Holographic devices coming 'in months'

While many had expected Microsoft’s mixed reality devices to be years away, Redmond is telling the world that the first gear should be in the shops in a few months.

There is currently only a developer’s edition of the Hololens out there but Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group, said Microsoft was already asking our partners about pricing on consumer products.

Myerson said the company wasn't focussed on pricing at the moment suggesting it was "just an interesting data point".

But what is clear is that Microsoft has an idea for its mixed reality in the future and it wants to be running things.

Microsoft made a few announcements at Computex and showed the Hololens running Windows 10 using different VR or AR headsets. It showed off a Hololens user and an HTC Vive user working together on the same virtual model of a motorbike.

Basically Redmond’s cunning plan is to create a device-agnostic platform that can encompass all manner of virtual reality and augmented reality platforms and the applications that run across them. From Microsoft’s point of view, since it owns the platform it cashes in.

Last modified on 01 June 2016
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