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Sex toy blabs your secrets to manufacturer

by on11 August 2016

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Security geeks conference Defcon in Las Vegas was much amused when two researchers showed how a sex toy was blabbing its owners sex secrets on the world wide wibble.

For some reason the We-Vibe 4 Plus has a Bluetooth connection so your vibrator can talk to you mobile phone. Apparently this function allows you to control its intensity.

Two security researchers wish to be called only by their handles @gOldfisk and @rancidbacon probably because people wanted to know how and why they started testing vibrators instead of the national sport of knocking over iPhones. The pair found the vibrator was using its internet connection to phone home.

It sends the device’s temperature every minute, and lets the manufacturer know each time a user changes the device’s vibration level. According to the researchers the company Standard Innovations Corporation will know exactly when you get off and how you did it.

Standard Innovation Corporation’s president Frank Ferrari has confirmed that the company collects this information and explained why.

“At We-Vibe, we strive to create innovative products that have our customer’s preferences in mind. We-Vibe collects data on the use of its products in terms of vibration intensity and mode for market research purposes so that we can better understand what settings and levels of intensity are most enjoyed.”

The company does tell users that it collects data in its privacy policy but it is not particularly clear what it does with it. Ferrari said that it is in the process of reviewing the company privacy & data collection policy in an effort to provide more transparency for our customers.

But why would someone want a vibrator to connect to the world wide web anyway? Well apparently we are rather naive about this sort of thing. Basically it is because you can give your partner control of the vibrator and get them involved. It is a bit different from sharing your chips while looking at the sea, but then I am getting old.

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