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South Australian council forced to reassure ratepayers it is not using 5G to kill them

by on02 February 2023

Smart city plans are not drawn up by lizard people

A South Australian council has been forced to refute a bizarre panic amongst its citizens who have been convinced it is under the control of lizard people who want to install 5G towers to kill them or control their minds.

Salisbury city council thought it was fair dinkum to create a smart infrastructure programme, which uses a range of technologies to let council workers know when bins are full or tell residents if there is parking available.

However, it was somewhat surprising when a group gathered at the council chambers to protest the use of the tech which was being installed by powerful globalist bankers, some of whom are probably lizards, who have infiltrated all councils.

To make sure its citizens got the message the deputy mayor, Chad Buchanan, said the council had to go on the record to dispel the misinformation being spread. The council then passed a motion confirming “for the avoidance of any doubt” that:

  • Council has not and will not [install] smart technology ‘on behalf of powerful globalist bankers that have infiltrated all councils.
  • Council has not and will not … ‘rollout any agenda to create a new One World Government as part of the Great Reset’.”
  • Council has not and will not support the rollout [of] any adverse elements referenced in the fictional novels, George Orwell’s 1984 or Animal Farm.”
  • Council has not and will not support 5G towers to be used ‘to kill or maim people’.”
  • Council confirms that it is not aware of ‘a microchip that Elon Musk has produced which he has inserted or is in the process of inserting and attaching to residents’ brains to control the community’.
  • Other claims the council was forced to debunk include that it was going to introduce a digital currency, restrict residents’ travel through “climate change lockdowns”, that it was using facial recognition technology in CCTV cameras and was planning to create a social credit score system similar to China’s “Orwellian” national structure.

Buchanan told ABC radio it was a “bizarre” situation with people spreading “rightwing conspiracies”.

“It was important that we, as a council, had to go on the record and dispel these myths and untruths and more importantly reinforce to our community that we are by no means doing any of those things listed in the motion,” he said.

He said the conspiracy theories were getting so bad that some residents were scared to leave their houses.

I had a resident email me saying that they have been told, and genuinely believe, that the poles in John Street are fitted with 5G technology to have the capacity to kill and maim people. And told us that we will be held accountable for murdering people,” he said.

Buchanan said he had also been called a “lizard man” and that he had been told “the point that I’m making is something somebody would say if their cover had been blown”.

No Smart Cities Action Group (Noscag) distributed tens of thousands of leaflets to residents claiming the council was creating an “open air prison” through smart city technology. It urged residents to have a “massive presence” at this week’s council meeting to protest.

Noscag’s spokesman, Grant Harrison, said some but not all of the claims mentioned in the council’s motion were believed by Noscag.

“I’m not making any assumptions about the truth or falsity of any statements. What evidence does the council have that they come up with the conclusion that something is false? I’m not saying they’re true or false. They’re putting them there, assuming they’ve dealt with it. Some of the councillors may not know the full story.”

Which is such a dumb argument it could have been a scene in Life of Brian.

"Only a Globalist lizard would say that they are not a Globalist lizard." 


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