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US teens don’t see the point of Virtual Reality

by on05 April 2023

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A new survey from Piper Sandler shows that US teens find Virtual Reality silly.

Teenagers are often seen as early adopters of new technology and their preferences can provide a preview of where the industry is going and this survey shows that it will go really badly.

While 29 per cent percent of teens polled owned a VR device only four per cent of headset owners used it daily. Another 14 per cent used them weekly.

To make matters worse for the likes of Apple, who are betting the farm on adopting such tech, teens need to be more interested in buying forthcoming VR headsets or nagging their parents to buy them for them.

Only seven per cent said they planned to purchase a headset, versus 52 per cent of teens polled unsure or uninterested.

The survey results suggest that virtual reality hardware and software have yet to catch on with the public despite billions of dollars in investment in the technology from Big Tech companies and several low-cost headsets on the market.


Last modified on 05 April 2023
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