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Apple plans slow roll out of AR glasses

by on10 July 2023

Appointment only

Fruity cargo cult Apple plans to launch its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset in select US markets early next year, with designated sections in Apple stores offering demos, seating, and tools for sizing accessories. 

The company will designate special areas in the stores with seating, headset demo units and tools to size accessories for buyers. While the device will be sold at all of Apple's roughly 270 US locations, the company is planning the sections for the Vision Pro initially at stores in major areas -- such as New York and Los Angeles -- before rolling them out nationwide.

This means that Apple knows it has no chance of creating anything like the hysteria it might get for an iPhone launch particularly with the unrealistic launch price tag. 

Apple said it will offer the headset in other countries at the end of 2024, perhaps the UK and Canada as two of its first international markets with Asia and Europe soon after.

Jobs' Mob boffins are still working to localise the device for France, Germany, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, the people said. Apple will sell the Vision Pro through its US web store in early 2024 before expanding online elsewhere.

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