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OCZ Agility 3 240GB drops to US $287.99

by on14 March 2012

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Updated: Newegg.com throws in a free Mass Efect 3 game

We have stumbled upon an interesting deal done by Newegg.com and OCZ for OCZ's Agility 3 SSD, where you can get a Sandforce-based 240GB SSD drive with decent performance figures for as little as US $287.99. Newegg.com also throws in a free Mass Effect 3 game as a limited offer to sweeten the deal.

In case you missed it, the OCZ Agility 3 is based on Sandforce SF-2281 controller paired up with MLC NAND flash chips and offers up to 525MB/s of sustained sequential read performance and up to 500MB/s of sustained sequential write performance when plugged via SATA 6Gbps interface. The 4K random read and write are set at 35k and 45k IOPS, while the max 4K random write is at 85K IOPS.

The US $287.99 deal is a limited offer with one unit per customer limitation and is currently in stock, although we are not sure for how long.

You can check it out here.

Update: The rest of the OCZ Agility 3 lineup also got a decent price cut and are offered at Newegg.com with a free 8GB USB flash drive. For example, the 120GB Agility 3 SSD was cut down from US $199.99 to US $158.99 while the 60GB one got a price cut from US $169.99 to US $89.99 and also comes with a free 8GB USB flash drive. You can find them all here.  

Last modified on 14 March 2012
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