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Intel SSD roadmap tips up

by on05 December 2013

Temple Star, Fultondale and Pleasantdale

A new Intel roadmap is shedding new light on the chipmaker’s SSD plans. The roadmap reveals new info on Fultondale and Pleasantdale SSDs, which we are calling peasantdale around the office. The new Pro 2500 series (Temple Star) is there, too.

The Pro 2500 will be available in four form factors, as a standard 2.5-inch drive, or as an M.2 drive in 42mm, 60mm and 80mm sizes. In terms of capacity, we are looking a 80GB , 180GB, 240GB and 480GB for 2.5-inch drives. M.2 units will range from 180GB to 360GB. Sequential read/write is 540/490MB/s, with 42k/54k IOPS.

Fultondale is a lot more impressive. Available only in enterprise friendly 2.5-inch and PCIe form factors, it will be available in capacities ranging from 200GB to 2TB. Read/write speeds are impressive, 2800/1700MB/s, along with IOPS of 450/150k. These 20nm HET MLC drives should show up in Q2 2014.

Peasantdale is very similar, but it is not a HET MLC-based product. It will be available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. It’s very fast, too, 2800/1700MB/s and 450k/40k IOPS. Like Foultondale it will only be available in 2.5-inch and card flavours.

You can check out the nasty details over at The SSD Review.

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