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Microsoft suggest buying fewer PCs

by on25 April 2023

The future is cloudy

Despite it earning its fortune on the back of supplying software for PCs, Microsoft does not think owning such hardware is a good idea anymore.

Vole is starting to push something it calls "Windows Frontline" that sees a single license confer the right to use up to three Cloud PCs. The big idea is that organisations that employ shift workers in roles like customer support or healthcare will log in for eight hours and then the next worker on duty will do likewise.  The hardware will get hammered all the time but will take care of three workers.

All this Vole points out will mean corporate PC replacement cycles could stretch to eight years and will bring environmental benefits.

Vole still makes a killing flogging the software. Cloud PCs mean it gets paid for Windows monthly, instead of the one-off charge from licensing the OS. And across the eight year lifespan of a PC that accesses Cloud PCs, Microsoft nets $9,848 and is still making money in years six, seven, and eight, while a PC maker doesn't get a payday.


Last modified on 25 April 2023
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