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Cloud company forms joint venture with cannabis outfit

by on27 October 2023

Will snap up a brownie company next month

Cloudy HyperScale Nexus Holding expects to roll out exciting new products after acquiring the Colorado-based American Cannabis Company.

HyperScale Nexus is a business which provides Nvidia H100 GPUs for AI and HPC markets and American Cannabis Company providing industry-specific advisory and consulting services, manufacture of cultivation products, and facilities for cannabis startups. Quite what advice a cannabis start-up needs beyond “hang loose, or it will be ok” we don’t know, but they might also need some cutting-edge cloud tech.  

There might be a side hustle here. HyperScale Nexus has 30,000 leased Nvidia H100 chipsets, which might chuck out enough heat to grow something mellow after all cannabis flowers require a lengthy and intensive drying process before becoming usable.

Tech companies like Microsoft and Meta have been eager to announce creative uses for their heat recycling initiatives, and it would come as no surprise if we saw more data centre providers attempting new and creative ways to use all that excess energy.

However, American Cannabis Company does not really “grow its own” so it might just be advising its customers to borrow space on HyperScale Nexus servers because “that is where they will get the good stuff” before collapsing into giggles.


Last modified on 27 October 2023
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