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Microsoft and Openai's €100 billion data center dreams

by on02 April 2024

Stargate supercomputer coming"

Software King of the World Microsoft and OpenAI sidekick are teaming up to build a €100 billion data centre featuring a "Stargate" AI supercomputer.

According to the Information, Vole is likely to finance this colossal project. Insiders, privy to confidential discussions about the venture, have hinted that its costs could surpass those of the most massive data centres by 100-fold.

OpenAI's AI advancement is slated to debut by early next year, with Vole executives eyeing a Stargate launch as early as 2028. If approved, this American supercomputer would be the most significant in a series of installations planned by the companies over the next six years.

The Information cited a muffled whisper, suggesting a staggering €100 billion price tag, overheard by someone in the earshot of OpenAI's top dog, Sam Altman.

While Microsoft's initial estimates whispered a similar tune, the source stayed hidden behind the curtain. Altman and his Volish mates are laying the groundwork across five phases, saving Stargate for the final crescendo.

Vole is tinkering away at a smaller, fourth-phase supercomputer for OpenAI, scheduled to launch around 2026. But the next two phases will really hit the wallet, with most of the money earmarked for snazzy AI chips.

Word on the street is that all these ambitious plans could set them back over €115 billion, more than three times what Vole spent last year on its tech toys.

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