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iPhone is AT&T only and nothing else

by on02 July 2007


Won't work with other (EU) SIM cards

We tried to get iPhone for your reading pleasure but our friends in the states said that we cannot buy one in the shop. You have to buy it from AT&T and pay $60 a month plan plus a hefty $599 to get the 8 GB version.

We were not able to get one without plan and use our own SIM, it simply doest work. Only AT&T SIM cards will work and we didn’t had any chance to make it work with our European SIM cards.

The bottom line is that even if you buy iPhone from your friends in the states it won't work. The last step includes registering your phone with AT&T card inside with iTunes and even if you cracked this phone opened Apple will bust you there.

Euroland has to wait for a cracked version of the phone of the official announcement sometimes in Q4 2007. 

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