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Verizon to announce LTE specifics

by on06 October 2010

Will detail 4G build out plan later today
Verizon will officially start filling in some of the blanks in the company’s LTE 4G plans later today in a presentation planned for the CTIA conference in San Francisco. The company has been talking about its move to LTE in broad strokes up to now, but sources tell us that the company will get more specific on its build out plans and when we can expect the devices to take advantage of it.

According to the whispers that we have heard, the company has been conducting a number of trials and has been testing in a variety of locations across the U.S. to get prepared to launch LTE. Some of the rumblings we have heard are quite encouraging, and it could be that Verizon is much further along than other carriers on preparing for their LTE deployment.

The biggest question, of course, is when does Verizon expect to have it deployed and when can we start expecting some of the first LTE devices to take advantage of it? Our sources tell us that Verizon will have a lot to say and might be in for even a surprise or two, you just never know.

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