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TI OMAP 4440 1.5GHz in 2H 2011

by on14 January 2011

Heating up clock wars
Whether you like it or not, the ARM revolution is happening today and these small chips are starting to matter to the world just as much as Intel and AMD chips do. They will get to many tablets and mobile phones in 2011 and onward and most of the 2011 models are dual-core.

We just mentioned the 1.5GHz OMAP 4440 chip yesterday and we got confirmation from a source close to Texas Instruments that this fancy fast chip can ship in the second half of 2011.

Texas (non-chainsaw) chaps do believe that that have a good case against Tegra 2 and that they can outperform it in certain cases with both 1GHz OMAP 4430 and OMAP 4440 at 1.5GHz.

TI will also fight well against Qualcomm MSM8x60 clocked at 1.2GHz dual-core and one thing that differentiates these three chips is the graphics. Nvidia has its own Geforce stuff, Qualcomm has Adreno renamed from ATI’s Imagion mobile graphics while Texas instruments relies on PowerVR for its graphics.  Graphics and content will definitely play a big role in the future of mobile computing graphics.
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