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Asus still loves MeeGo

by on30 September 2011

We will work with it and Tizen
Intel has announced that it is killing off MeeGo,  in favour of an open-source Linux build called Tizen that it is developing with Samsung, but Asus said that it is not walking away from MeeGo. Gary Key, Asus technical marketing manager, told PCMag that his outfit will continue to ship MeeGo products and look forward to Tizen.

Asus resuscitated MeeGo by announcing the Asus EeePC X101 at Computex in  May and it expects Intel to release MeeGo v.1.3 any day now. It is hoping that it will have hardware accelerated Flash in the near future.

Key said that Tizen is a natural progression of MeeGo, one that could improve processing speeds with HTML5 extensions and add full support for native Linux applications (so anything that runs on MeeGo today will run
on Tizen, too).

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