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Galaxy Nexus outpaces competition in early tests

by on21 November 2011

But early adopters report bugs

Google’s new flagship Galaxy Nexus is set to ship in all major markets by the end of the week and early benchmarks indicate that the new googlephone will be second to none.

Anand put new Nexus through its paces and compared it to some of the fastest smartphones on the market today. As one might expect, the results were impressive. Nexus virtually wiped out the competition in all benchmarks.

In Javascript it was about 10 percent faster than Motorola’s new Droid RAZR and some 20 percent faster than Cupertino’s iPhone 4S. Scores in the Rightware BrowserMark were equally impressive. With 98272 marks Nexus easily pushed ahead of the field, with the 4S trailing in second with 87841 and RAZR ranked third with 85271. One of the best Android phones on the market, Samsung’s Galaxy S2 ranked third with 55144, while Google’s last generation Nexus S scores 37957.

However, in the graphics department Apple still clings to the lead thanks to its SGX 543MP2 graphics core and even the Samsung Galaxy S2, with Mali-400 graphics is faster. The new Nexus still relies on the venerable SGX 540 core, which was also used in the old Nexus S.

And now for some bad news. Early adopters are already reporting bugs and software glitches. Pocketlint was contacted by several owners who claim their Galaxy Nexus phones have a very annoying volume control bug, which turns the volume down and doesn’t let users turn it back up again. In addition, users are also miffed by the fact that Google was unable to provide Flash support in time for launch, which is supposedly Adobe’s fault, as it failed to upgrade the mobile version to Android 4.0.

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