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Volume bug delays Galaxy Nexus in EU

by on28 November 2011

Give it a few weeks

A few sources close to retailers all over Europe are telling us that Google's Galaxy Nexus is going to be slightly delayed all over Europe.

It has already appeared in the UK, but the volume bug is causing issues over there and the fact that customers are not happy about it is the main reason of the most recent delay. Samsung and Google have decided to wait for an update before they ship to phones to retail / etail stores and end customers.

We don’t know what happens to US launch, but obviously apart from Expansys there are no Galaxy Nexus phones available. Verizon should be the next to launch the Nexus, sooner rather than later. Google is working hard on polishing the kinks and it could happen that you see Galaxy Nexus in some markets within two weeks if not earlier.

Samsung is simply telling retailers / etailers to hold their breath for any promotions, pricing or God forbid availability promise.

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