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Samsung introduces microscopic Galaxy handset

by on06 March 2012

Android pocket rocket

Samsung has revealed a new Galaxy handset that goes against the recent bigger-is-better trend.

The Galaxy Pocket is a tiny 2.8-inch handset, powered by an 832MHz processor, with 3GB of storage on the side. Of course, there’s no bells and whistles, it features a QVGA LCD screen, the usual WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and a 3MP fixed focus camera.


Interestingly, Samsung slapped an FM radio and microSD slot in the package, and both should be appreciated by teens. The pocket rocket measures just 103x57x12mm and weighs 97 grams, making it one of the smallest Android 2.3 handsets on the market.

There is no word on price, but it will obviously end up dirt cheap.

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