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Samsung yanks Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update

by on09 March 2012

Act as if you are surprised please

Samsung was apparently planning to roll out an ICS update for its flagship Galaxy S II on March 10, or tomorrow, but at the last minute it changed its mind.

The update is still coming, and Samsung says it has a set date for the rollout, but it is not saying when. Frankly we cannot say we are surprised. In fact, we would have been surprised if the update went ahead as planned. Google’s track record on ICS has been nothing short of embarrassing, so it’s hardly a surprise that Samsung did not fare any better.

Ice Cream Sandwich was introduced back in November, and even then it was delayed. Three and a half months on, you can buy just one ICS handset, the Galaxy Nexus. There are no updates, either, and Google was even forced to pulls the ICS update for some Nexus S phones. This means it can’t even get its own act together, which probably does not bode well when you are pushing other vendors to offer ICS updates. Preaching “do as I say don’t do as I do” doesn’t really work in business, it is more of a faith thing.

Perhaps it is time for Google to come clean and state the obvious. When you buy an Android handset, you are stuck with the same Android version. Of course, there is a way to upgrade, but it usually involves buying a new phone.

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