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67,000 phones to be lost and stolen at 2012 Olympics

by on24 July 2012

And they say sports are good for you

Insecurity experts at Vanafi believe as many as 67,000 mobile phones are likely to be lost or stolen during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

On average, 50,000 phones are lost in London during any given two-week period. We think it has something to do with Londoners’ love of Columbian nose candy.

However, experts caution that there is a potential for more corporate and personal data to be lost than ever before, as more and more users inundate their smartphones with sensitive information, oblivious of the risks. Up to 214.4 terabytes worth of data could be lost.

“There’s been an explosion of corporate data available to users from their mobile devices,” said Gregory Webb, Venafi’s VP of Marketing. “This is a real danger and one that is often overlooked.”

Laptops and tablets are not included in the figures, but they present and even greater security risk due to higher storage capacity and the nature of data stored on them.

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