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HP wants to give phones another try

by on24 December 2013

Phablets leading the way

Hewlett-Packard is reportedly planning to get back into the phone game yet again. According to The Information’s Amir Efrati, HP will re-enter the phone market next year.

The first devices will be aimed at emerging markets and they are said to be phablets priced between $200 and $250 off-contract. The screens are huge, 6 to 7 inches, but the low price indicates that these massive phablets probably won’t have a spec sheet to drool over.

However, underpowered phablets with oversized screens are very popular in several major Asian markets, so HP’s decision is not very surprising. It should be noted that HP did not have much luck in the smartphone space. Its original iPaq phones were a flop, followed by another flop three years ago, when HP tried to launch what were essentially Palm phones.

Third time's the charm apparently.

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