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Google Glass gets prescription option

by on29 January 2014

Titanium for $225

Google Glass is one of the quickest way to burn $,1500 on a gadget and feel privileged, but also judged by the rest of society. It is an interesting gadget makes the geek looking to geeky but as of today it has a prescription glass option.


Now you can get Google glass for $1,500 and for additional $225 you can get one of the four designed frames for your Google glass geek explorer “banned by social etiquette” edition. 

The four styles available are Curve, Thin, Split, Bold. The frame will even accommodate tinted glasses, so you could end up with smart sunglasses. Just as we believe that $1,500 is ridiculous amount of money for Google Glass, the $225 premium is ok for big brand spectacles such as Ray Bans of Top Gun fame, not for Google frames.

You can find more details at Google+, the social network that Google forces everyone to use but anyone rarely does and the link includes Google owned YouTube video, all here.



Last modified on 29 January 2014
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