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HTC One getting Android 4.4.2

by on29 January 2014

In some parts of Europe

Fragmentation is the choking bone of Google's Android platform and HTC is no exception. It took the company a few months to roll out the latest Android 4.4.2 update for the flagship HTC One phone and the update slowly to a few European countries.

For the time being, only unlocked phones appear to be getting the update, while carrier HTC One phones will get this update at a later date. The update comes just days before the promised end of January deadline and we can only congratulate HTC on doing a good job delivering the latest software to its end users. It takes time to tweak and adjust HTC Sense and other HTC specific modifications and this is the main reason why you need to wait a few months for updates.

The update still carries HTC Sense 5.5, but we can expect to see a new version of HTC Sense in time for the Mobile World Congress that takes place in late February or roughly in a month.

The bad news is that the update removes Flash support, one of HTC's unique features. Google killed Flash support in mid-2012 after Steve Jobs passed away as Google didn’t want to admit that the man was right about battery drains and overhead that was caused by running Flash on underpowered devices like phones.

The 4.4.2 update also includes bug fixes, new Bluetooth profiles, security enhancements and could printing services support. The OTA download is slightly over 308MB.

HTC and Samsung at least upgrade their flagship phones to the latest update while the LG G2, the company’s flagship phone still lives in 4.2.2, which is basically Neanderthal era. What's more, you can get an even cheaper LG phone with a much better price/performance ratio and the latest version of Android - we are of course talking about the Nexus 5.

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