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Google could sell Project Ara modules directly

by on23 October 2014

Google Play for 3D-printed phone components

Google may be working on a Google Play-like store for Project Ara modules. Project Ara is of course Google's modular phone concept, with a lot of Motorola DNA. The first Ara devices are expected next year.

According to Paul Eremenko, head of Project Ara, Google wants to introduce a modular sales concept for its modular phone. Speaking at a Purdue event, Eremenko said the concept is based on the Google Play store and the aim is to allow consumers to pick and buy modules directly.

There is another twist - just like an app store, the new module store should allow third-party players to offer their own modules. Eremenko pointed out that hardware makers will have to follow more rules than app developers, since third-party modules will have to be tested and certified before they go on sale.

The novel approach could pave the way to more competition and innovation. Since third parties will be able to offer a range of different modules, consumers could have more choice than ever - different batteries, screens, cameras and even processors could be used to design truly custom phones.

However, Project Ara is still a long way off and it will kick off with lower end devices rather than flagships.

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