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HTC Re camera really is wearable

by on29 October 2014

Looks nicer than GoPro

HTC let Fudzilla loose on its latest wearable camera last week.

We cornered a few HTC executives and had a friendly chat with Eric Matthes, Country Manager Austria & Switzerland. We talked a lot about Re camera which is a new product from HTC  and played with the Re camera, using a Desire Eye phone as a viewfinder.

We could see that the device might end up being popular. Eric drew our attention to a fact that Re camera is much more wearable than any of the competition.

The rival GoPro competitor was mentioned, but Matthes said that Re camera looks much nicer to put in your shirt or suite pocket. We agree that it is definitely less bulky and with IP67 certification it might help people make some cool videos and pictures.

You see a bikers or motorcycle drivers with GoPro mounted on their helmets and they look damn silly. The HTC Re can offer subtle way for recording videos and not look like a tit.  

Re is a nice toy but you would have to try it before you buy it, or trust your favorite online or printed reviewer. Having retail demos might be the way to attract more undecided customers but this is something that HTC decides on a regional basis.

Matthes used  the word “wearable” for the Re camera, and we think that this sums it up pretty well. If you are in the market for wearable camera this might be the one for you. One can always argue that there is a decent photo and video camera in your phone, but really this is not the same thing.

Despite obvious advantage in video and photo recording on a phone with its tiny phone sensor cannot beat the SLR camera quality or 3-CCD chip video camera.

Let's see how customers react on Re and if it becomes successful there will probably be a new version to follow up. We would not be surprised to see a better sensor, better resolution in a follow up product. The Re camera is new for HTC and the company will learn a lot from its first attempt. 

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