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Windows 10 for mobile no great shakes

by on07 July 2015

Suppliers are still not enthused

While many Windows 10 to spark an interest in the PC and Notebook market, mobile makers, who should also see a knock on effect are not enthused.

For those who came in late, Windows 10 will run on a PC and mobile devices leading many to think that it will be super cool for businesses who want to integrate all their devices.

However mobile device makers have held different view about the operating system's benefit to the notebook, smartphone and tablet markets.

According to Digitimes   notebook players have placed a great hope on the Windows 10 release, smartphone players are rather conservative about Windows 10's benefit to them and have not placed much resources on related development.

As usual Digitimes is talking to “unnamed suppliers in the Far East” but it does confirm that Microsoft has a long way to go before it can convince people that its mobile version of Windows 10 is worth getting out some products for.  On paper at least, it should do better than Digitimes has predicted. We would have expected that many businesses would like to get shot of the highly fragmented Android and get something a little more stable, which plays nice with their networks and security.

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