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Xiaomi gets on its bike

by on15 March 2016

Who needs mobiles?

In an unusual sideline to its make products smartphone maker Xiaomi is getting into making bicycles.

True they are not your normal bikes, they will be smart bicycles. Xiaomi has invested in a company named IRiding, which will soon be launching a smart bike under a brand named QiCycle. And that bike will be sold on Xiaomi's e-commerce market.

It will not be cheap. You will be able to pick one up for $3,000, less if you have a pair of bolt cutters and wait outside a newsagent for someone to pop in for newspaper and a packet of polo-mints.

Smart bikes have a carbon fibre build, motion sensors, and have battery-assisted, but not dependent, pedalling. The bike will probably connect to the Xiaomi smartphone although what those two will talk about is anyone’s guess.

Some analysts are a little worried that the outfit is spreading itself too thin but there is a thought that the outfit is getting into the Internet of Stuff and this can only be a good thing.

Last modified on 16 March 2016
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