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Meizu to launch seven phones this year

by on23 March 2016

Most with MediaTek SoCs

A recent leak has revealed that there will be seven phones from Meizu this year and all of them should have a MediaTek powered Helio SoC.

This is great news for MediaTek as Meizu shipped 20 million phones in 2015 and plans to ship even more in 2016. The high-end Meizu PRO 6 will have an Samsung Exynos 8890 SoC but Meizu has already confirmed that the Meizu PRO 6 is the first Helio X25 phone. Most of the 2016 Meizu phones sales will be based on MediaTek SoCs.

Meizu M3 has a 2800 mAh battery, 5 inch LCD scree with 720P resolution should start selling for 599 Yuan for 16GB, 799 Yuan for 32GB and it will likely have an older Meizu SoC. The document didn’t reveal the SoC but we believe that the phone will come with either quad-core MT6735 or octa-core MT6753. The company plans to use eMMc 5.1 for the entry level phone as well as 2GB RAM. For those who don't know, 599 Yan is just 82.36 euro or $92.20 while the 799 Yuan gets you to €109.85 EUR or $123 USD.

The 5.5 inch Meizu Note 3 with 5.5 inch Full HD LCD screen, 3200 mAh battery should start selling at 799 Yuan (109.85 EUR or $123 USD) for 16GB and 999 Yuan (137.35 EUR or $153.87 USD) for 32GB. This one will launch with a brand new Helio P10 SoC. This phone starts with 2GB RAM which should be enough for this price range.

Meizu Metal will be succeed by the simply branded Meta 2. This new phone has 5.5 inch 1920x1080 screen with LCD screen eMMc 5.1, mTouch 3.0, 3200 mAh battery. This phone gets the Helio X20 deca-core and 3GB RAM. It will start selling for 999 Yuan (137.35 EUR or $153.87) USD for 16GB, 1199 Yuan (164.85 EUR or $184.56 USD) for 32GB and 1499 Yuan (206.18 EUR or $230.70 USD) for 64GB. Getting a metallic high quality finished phone in this price range is amazing.

Meizu MX6 mini is a 4.7 inch full HD phone with Helio X20 SoC, 4GB RAM, eMMc 5.1, mTouch 3.0 and 2800 mAh battery. It will start at 1499 Yuan (206.18 EUR or $230.70 USD) for 16GB, 1699 Yuan (233.59 EUR or $261.54 USD) for 32 GB and 1999 Yuan (274.88 EUR or $307.66 USD) for a 64 GB version. This is the first of four other performance to high-end phones to get a Super AMOLED screen.

The highly anticipated Meizu MX6 is a 5.5 inch phone with 5.5 inch Full HD 1920x1080 screen, 4GB Memory and a Helio X20 SoC. This phone supports eMMc 5.1 memory and most likely an Super AMOLED screen. The phone supports mTouch 3.0 and has 3300 mAh battery. It will start selling at 1799 Yuan (247.39 EUR or $276.88 USD) for 16GB, 1999 Yuan (274.88 EUR or $307.66 USD) for 32 GB version and 2299 Yuan (316.04 EUR or $353.81 USD) for 64 GB version.

There will be two Helio X25 phones. There might be some confusion as the picture reveals an X25 and an Exynos 8890. It is likely that Meizu has changed its plans and decided to use Helio X25 instead of Exynos.

The Meizu PRO 6 mini is a 4.7 inch full HD Super AMOLED phone with Helio X25 SoC, 4 to 6GB RAM, HiFi 3.0, mTouch 3.1, NFC 3.0 and a 2800 mAh battery. This phone starts with 32GB otion that will sell for 2299 Yuan (316.04 EUR or $353.81 USD) followed by 2599 Yuan (357.22 EUR or $399.99 USD) priced 64 GB version and the flagship 128GB version selling for 2999 Yuan (412.27 EUR or $461.45 USD).

The top of the range model and the largest of them all is the Meizu Pro 6. It will get the Helio X25. This is a 5.7 inch phone with 2560x1440 resolution, UFS 3.0 storage, 4 to 6GB RAM as well as mTouch 3.1, 3500 mAh, HiFi 3.0 and NFC 3.0. This phone will have a Super AMOLED screen.

It will sell for 2799 Yuan (384.82 EUR or $430.68 USD) for the 32GB version, 3099 Yuan (426.07 EUR or $476.97 USD) for 64GB phone and finally 3499 Yuan (481.44 EUR or $538.59 USD). The last phone might sound expensive but considering that the Samsung Galaxy S7 with 32GB sells around €699 at launch ($799.99 un-activated at Best Buy in USA). A 64GB is going to be a bit more expensive and Samsung doesn’t even offer a 128GB version. The Galaxy S7 Edge starts at €799 which is even more expensive.

We are not saying that Meizu Pro 6 is a better phone but it will offer a great experience for significantly less money. There is no doubt about Meizu phone quality, in the long run Samsung, LG and many other high end android phone manufactures will definitely have some competition.

Last modified on 23 March 2016
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