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Google admits some Pixel mics are borked

by on10 March 2017

"Only a small number" will need to be replaced 

Google has admitted that a "small number" of its Pixel phones have shipped with borked microphones which will need to be returned so they can be replaced.

Google claims the issue is present on less than a percent of devices and it will replace defective phones.  The problem cannot be that bad because few people have noticed it.

Google says the primary cause for Pixels having microphone issues is a “hairline crack in the solder connection on the audio codec,” which causes all three of the device’s mics to go out at once.

The search engine outfit Google says it’s been “taking additional steps to reinforce the connection” since January and that phones built or refurbished since then should be fine.

Those who bought it through a third party, this may mean going without a phone until you get the replacement in; but customers who bought directly from Google can get a new device shipped out to them before they return their existing one..

The Pixel came out in October, but Google is still struggling to keep it in stock. Ironically the product shortages may have meant more people ended up with fixed Pixels.

Last modified on 10 March 2017
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