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Class action begins over LG bootloop

by on17 March 2017

G4 and V10 case started

Someone has started a class action for those affected by LG's bootloop problem with the G4 and V10.

Several owners of these devices have lodged a proposed class-action lawsuit in a California federal court. They claim that a repeating bootloop issue "renders the phones inoperable and unfit for any use".

There have been thousands of complaints about the G4 on Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube and there was even an online petition to "launch a replacement program for defective LG G4s".

The V10 was also the target of many online complaints as well. One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit said that LG replaced his G4 two times and that his third G4 constantly freezes.

He claimed that the new phoneis "manifesting signs of the bootloop defect and is unmerchantable".

A year ago, LG acknowledged the problem with the G4 and said it was the result of "loose contact between components". The company began offering replacement devices and fixes.

But the suit claims that that even after the January 2016 announcement, "LG continued to manufacture LG Phones with the bootloop defect".

The suit claims that both models' processors were inadequately soldered to the motherboard, rendering them "unable to withstand the heat".

Initially, the phones begin to freeze, suffer slowdowns, overheat, and reboot at random. Eventually, the suit says, they fail "entirely".

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