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Samsung Bixby to fight Siri, Alexa and Assistant

by on23 March 2017

Google assistant look alike for the Galaxy S8

Samsung is only a week away from the official announcement of its Galaxy S8 phone and the company officially shared that the new Samsung devices will get a new intelligent interface. The Korean mobile giant is using a rather questionable name, Bixby. 

Samsung is quick to address the elephant in the room but what makes Bixby special is the fact that it should provide a deeper experience thanks to its  proficiency of Completeness, Context Awareness and Cognitive Tolerance.

Using big words doesn’t make a tool better, but at least it can help us get the idea in which direction Samsung wants to go.

Bixby should be able to support almost every task that the application can perform with the interface such as touch commands.

A Bixby-enabled application will be aware of context and you won’t need to call it a specific name. Apparently Cognitive Tolerance will let the tool know when you need it. This will be fun to see in real life, but Samsung claims that there will be a dedicated button on the device.

Bixby will start with smartphones and at a later date will reach other Samsung appliances. Give it a decade, and your overpriced connected fridge or washing machine will be able to understand you.  

Injong Rhee an Executive Vice President and Head of R&D, Software and Services, Samsung Electronics made a big promise with Bixby, and let's see how well ot can deliver as Siri, Google Now and now Google Assistant and even omni popular Alexa are rather unintelligent and unintuitive in most of the cases. Let's see if Samsung can get this one right. 

Last modified on 23 March 2017
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