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Alex Katouzian announced the Snapdragon 855

by on04 December 2018

2X AI performance over 7nm Kirin

Alex Katouzian, a senior vice president ( SVP) of Qualcomm and the general manager of mobile, has announced the Snapdragon 855. He went into a few details leaving full disclosure for tomorrow, but he did say that its AI performance is twice as fast than the 7nm Android device.

Yes, there is only one launched so far and it comes from the House of Huawei, named Kirin 980. It is very clear that the 4th generation AI clearly outperforms Kirin and Alex mentioned that the speed is comparable to the other 7nm SoC that isn't running Android. The subtext is Apple of course, as Qualcomm takes AI seriously and has done for its last few generations.

Qualcomm believes that the synergy of CPU, GPU and DSP brings the best AI performance for the 4th generation AI engine in the Snapdragon 855 SoC.

Alex mentioned that the Snapdragon 855 matches the X50 modem for future 5G enabled smartphones. Alex also said that the Image Signaling Processor (ISP) was really upgraded big time and there will be more details tomorrow.

He didn’t mention whether it was 7nm, but we know it is  -  so this of one of "I told you so moments". Many times we've written that its name is Snapdragon 855 and nothing else.

Alex also announced that in the first half of 2019 Qualcomm plans to enable 3D sonic fingerprint sensors in some upcoming phone. The sensor will be more secure compared to 2D sensors used today. The sensor takes a full 3D image of the fingerprint unique to you, better than an optical solution. It will work with greasy and wet fingers too.

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