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Huang refuses to resurrect the shield tablet

by on10 January 2019

Other miracles planned.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has told the assorted riff-raff, disciplines, and hangers-on at CES that he has no plans to raise the Shield Tablet from the dead.

The Shield Tablet, which launched in 2014, was last refreshed in 2015 and officially discontinued last year and had been sealed in a tomb of public forget. Its brother on the other hand the Shield telly has had more enhancements than Michal Jackson,

Huang said that the Shield TV was unquestionably the best Android TV in the world, and "people are blown away by how much we continue to enhance it. And more (unspecified) enhancements are coming, he said.

But the days of the Shield Tablet are very much over, especially now that the Nintendo Switch, which uses Nvidia's Tegra chips, has really captured that market.

"We are really committed to the Shield TV, but on mobile devices, we don't think it's necessaryW. e would only build things not to gain market share. Nvidia is not a "take somebody else's market share company.' I think that's really angry. It's an angry way to run a business. Creating new markets, expanding the horizon, creating things that the world doesn't have, that's a loving way to build a business."

He added that this is the way to inspire employees, too. Just copying competitors and maybe selling a product cheaper, though, does nothing to motivate employees and is not what Nvidia is interested in. Of course, Huang left the door open to a future tablet if it made sense -- though he clearly doesn't think it does today. He'd only do so, "if the world needs it. But at the moment, I just don't see it. I think Nintendo did such a great job."

Last modified on 10 January 2019
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