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Huawei’s new OS could pose a serious headache for Android

by on28 May 2019

Hongmeng 60 times faster and runs Android and iOS apps

Attempts by the US government to shut Huawei down might be an own goal as it has forced the company to release its own operating system which could be an Android and iOS killer.

The new OS which is claimed to be "60 times faster than Android" can run Android and iOS apps.

The Chief Executive Officer of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei, said that the new operating system will be available for download from October 2019.

According to Huawei, it has been working on its own OS for the last seven years and further said that the operating system is in the final stage of completion.

The new OS will be able to run Android and iOS apps which it might be able to run through Apptoide which is a standalone alternative for Google play.

If Huawei succeeds in making its new OS better and more reliable than Android than it could do some significant harm to the Android phone market which is one of Google’s biggest near monopolies.

Huawei will have to face a few adoption issues convincing its users and this sort of thing has prevented the big phone makers doing something similar. But now the US embargo has forced Huawei’s hand it might be a lot more committed to the project. Once it has convinced its Chinese customers, it could take off.


Last modified on 28 May 2019
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