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Tsar Putin gets Linux to run on desktop and mobile

by on18 August 2022

Special operation

In Tsar Putin’s Russian there is no need for a different operating system on your phone and PC after its developers have developed a special edition that invades both.

The Astra Linux Special Edition operating system can run Android applications and freely switch to and from desktop mode. The development allows you to run unmodified Android applications and has an operating mode similar to Samsung DeX technology, which allows you to switch between mobile and desktop mode.

The changes implemented in the Astra Linux Special Edition OS to work on tablets and other portable devices. The mobile mode of the operating system has a new graphical interface for touch screens, including those with a small diagonal, reduced power consumption and integrated Russian information security tools.

The mobile version of Astra Linux Special Edition supports touch screen, photo and video cameras, audio input / output devices, wi-fi, bluetooth, NFC, 3G, 4G cellular communications, GPS or GLONASS positioning.

Users can connect a mouse, keyboard, printer to their mobile device and work with it, as if it were a PC.


Last modified on 18 August 2022
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