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Oppo releases its first folding phone outside China

by on22 February 2023

Cute but pricey

Oppo has released its folding flip phone to be sold outside its Chinese home market.

Dubbed the Find N2 Flip, an Android clamshell aimed squarely at challenging Samsung’s popular Z Flip 4. While it is still pricey it is £50 cheaper than Samsung and uses a different type of hinge that solves one of the most obvious flaws with folding phones: the crease in the middle of the screen.

Your £849 will get you a bright 6.8in screen that looks like a regular phone. The flexible OLED screen still folds in half, but Oppo’s hinge design does not have an even loop. This means the fold is not to be too tight and the crease in the surface of the display is shallower and less pronounced than other folding phones.

The two halves of the phone lock fully when it is folded, leaving no gap along the side, which helps to stop dust getting in when in a pocket or bag. 

The N2 Flip’s hinge feels solid when fully open, but it offers less resistance and has a lot more play than Samsung’s folding phones. 

The phone is only splash-resistant, not submersible and there is no formal dust-resistance rating. Oppo said that the N2 Flip has multiple protections from dust into the back of the hinge. The phone is tested to last more than 400,000 folds, which is more than 100 openings and closings every day for 10 years.


Last modified on 22 February 2023
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