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Nokia allows people to fix their own phone

by on27 February 2023

New easy-to-fix handset released

Nokia has released a handset that users can fix themselves, making it possible to keep phones in service longer.

Developed by Finnish manufacturer HMD Global, the Nokia G22 is a standard smartphone with a 6.5-inch screen and a 50-megapixel main camera that looks no different than any other phone.

The handset comes with a recyclable plastic back which can be easily removed and using repair guides from hardware repair advocacy firm iFixit and a few tools, users can now replace several of the phone's features, including its back cover, battery, screen, and charging port.

HMD Global boss Adam Ferguson said that fixing the new phone when it breaks would cost 30 per cent less than purchasing a new one. Given that the phone starts at $179.19 you have a rough idea of the savings involved. The replaceable parts can be bought individually from iFixit.

The Tame Apple Press points out that the phone is not as perfect as theirs (which costs a fortune to fix and is three times the cost). It points out that the Nokia is not immune to water damage. 

HMD has said it plans to produce more of its phones in Europe, stating in a press release that it was “developing capabilities and processes to bring 5G Nokia device production to Europe in 2023.”


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