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Apple can't get its modem chips to go

by on12 September 2023

Had to ask Qualcomm for a three year extension 

Red-faced Apple has been forced to extend a deal with Qualcomm for three more years because it cannot get its modem chips made in-house.

The Tame Apple Press has been telling the world+dog that Apple will show its inovation and skills by coming up with a better and faster modem chip in-house. However, it is starting to look like it was tricker than it thought.

Apple is extending an agreement to get modem semiconductors from Qualcomm for three more years, a sign that its ambitious effort to design the chips in-house is taking longer than expected. 

The new pact will cover "smartphone launches in 2024, 2025 and 2026," Qualcomm said in a statement.

The companies' agreement had been set to end this year, and the latest iPhone -- due on Tuesday -- was expected to be one of the last to rely on the Qualcomm modem chip.

Instead, Qualcomm will maintain its lucrative position within Apple's supply chain. The iPhone maker is Qualcomm's largest customer -- accounting for nearly a quarter of revenue.

And their relationship helps validate Qualcomm's claim to having the best smartphone modem, a critical component that allows devices to connect to the internet and make calls. Starting with the iPhone 12 generation, the chip has supported speedier 5G networks.

Last modified on 12 September 2023
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