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AI pin ships at the end of March

by on25 March 2024

Wearable computer

The Humane Ai Pin is set to start shipping by the end of March.

 Founders Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno have unveiled an extended video of the revolutionary wearable computer, flaunting its features and futuristic design. First announced in July 2023, the device quickly became a sensation with its avant-garde aesthetics and advanced capabilities.

The video reveals that priority orders will begin to be fulfilled from April 11. In the footage, dated 17 March, Bongiorno mentions that any purchases made today will be delivered in early May.

The Ai Pin is a compact gadget that attaches to clothing or accessories. This AI-driven device accepts voice, gesture, and touch inputs. Its essential functions include web searches, navigation, translation, phone calls, and texting. Yet, its most remarkable feature is the projection system that beams information onto the user's palm, rendering screens obsolete for a lot of functions.

Bongiorno said, "The AI Pin is the first multimodal, wearable device that's user-friendly and highly personal. It adapts over time to become a better assistant. And it achieves this without the hassle of downloading or managing apps, allowing users to remain engaged in the moment."

The latest Humane AI video showcases the Ai Pin's the following features:

  • Information at hand: The AI Pin's Dynamic UI creates tailored interfaces for various data types, such as stock quotes, sports results, and flight updates.
  • Communication made simple: The device enables hands-free calls and text messaging through voice commands or dictation.
  • Camera and entertainment control: Users can snap photos, record videos, and manage music playback with voice instructions or taps on the Ai Pin.
  • Organisation tools: The Ai Pin assists with remembering schedules, lists, and preferences, offering customised suggestions based on stored data.
  • Easy web searches: The demo highlights the Ai Pin's ability to conduct web searches, summarising information into digestible segments.
  • Translation on demand: Supporting approximately 50 languages, the Ai Pin provides instant translation during conversations.
  • Enhanced productivity: Chaudhri demonstrates how the Ai Pin can integrate with other applications like After Effects, providing information and guidance while working on a laptop.
  • Vision feature: The Ai Pin can identify images and objects, giving insights into their composition, type, and origin, and can double as a nutrition tracking device.
  • Streamlined notifications: The device consolidates alerts from various apps and services, allowing for quick reviews without opening individual applications.

Looking ahead, Humane AI plans to incorporate Google Calendar, enabling the Ai Pin to offer detailed schedule information and meeting particulars via voice commands.

The price of the device is $699 -- and that includes the wearable device account 

Last modified on 25 March 2024
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