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Apple’s marketing angers users

by on09 May 2024

Crush real crafts and culture to make way for Apple 

The fruity cargo cult Apple’s marketing team has managed to really anger its target audience of creative people who know nothing about technology.

For those who can’t be bothered reading the Tame Apple Press, Jobs' mob through a rally to promote the iPad Pro with an overhyped M4 chip which is apparent "optimised for AI" – because, you know, your cat videos and Coldplay collections need that extra intelligence.

But what got the crowd’s goat was an ad called "Crush" – because subtlety is so last century. It's got this massive hydraulic press squashing the life out of all sorts of creative tools. Trumpets, paint cans, you name it – all getting the squeeze of death. And then, ta-da! They're magically an iPad Pro. Because who needs real instruments when you've got GarageBand, right?

However, it has been pointed out that the message is actually "Remember all those cool gadgets you grew up with? Yeah, we're better than all of them combined." Stereos, diaries, calculators – pfft, ancient history. Just toss them in the bin and bow down to the all-mighty iPad.

This approach appears to have backfired. Users are up in arms about Apple's heavy-handed metaphor. Crushing the very tools of creativity into a sleek, expensive slab of tech? They say, "Forget your nostalgic attachments and creative spirit – just give us your money and conform to our restricted, walled garden of apps."

One fangirl tweated: “This ad perfectly encapsulates the insight that people think technology is killing everything we ever found joy in. And then presents that as a good thing… it makes me want to learn to play the trumpet.”

Another fanboy said: “This really is a perfect encapsulation of the current moment in tech — an industry so high on its own fumes that it can no longer come up with reasons. “with our obscene and senseless hubris on full display, ‘just imagine’ the wanton flattening of culture.”

Another fanboy complained: “Showing expression, nostalgia , craft being destroyed at this pivotal moment in AI , couldn’t be any more tone deaf”

So, hats off to Apple for turning a press machine into a metaphor for their business model – flatten everything else of value to make room for its shiny, pricey tech and walled garden business model.  We put the advert at the bottem not because we think it will support Apple's product because it is just so horrifying you would be extremely stupid to see it and want to buy another Apple product. Not that we think that will stop your average Apple fan.


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