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Samsung mocks Apple’s own goal

by on17 May 2024

We would never crush creativity

Samsung is having a field day with Apple’s bizarre marketing mistake in which it promised to crush all creativity of users who bought its new iPad.

Apple has since admitted that the advert, which showed Apple putting symbols of arts, music, and crafts into a crushing machine, went down amongst its target audience like a lead balloon and might have been a mistake.
That has not stopped Samsung from pointing out that there was nothing new in the advert, and Jobs’ Mob has been crushing creativity for years.

This week Samsung released a response to the advert untitled "UnCrush," created by BBH USA and directed by Zen Pace.

 In contrast to Apple's destructive message, Samsung depicts a woman navigating debris reminiscent of Apple's ad, using a Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy AI to play a broken guitar.

"We would never crush creativity," the caption of Samsung's video reads.

Last modified on 17 May 2024
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