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AMD uses netbook term

by on15 September 2009


Dirk bends over

We remember that Dirk Myer, CEO of AMD said that netbook term won’t last and that people will abandon it, and it was funny to see that AMD started using netbook term in its internal roadmaps.

Netbook in AMD’s world is a machine that should have just enough power for Internet and email and it is part of mobile lifestyler (who comes up with this nonsense E.D.).

AMD also believes that netbook is a part of the larger consumer group who are born to compute, and not to create. The creative guys according to AMD needs better stuff than netbook, something that they call it “Performance traditional” or at least “Mainstream traditional” market.

AMD needs a lot of work on its mobile segment as they don’t even have the price advantage, not to mention the disaster battery life and overall mobile computing disadvantage that AMD have for years now. Starting to use word netbook, something that Intel came up with, was a natural thing as in this case, resistance was futile. We hope that AMD guys will try to watch their language to avoid such silly situations.

Last modified on 15 September 2009
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