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Fusion dual and quad are 32nm

by on21 June 2010

Llano dual at 20W TDP or more
We got some information about upcoming butt-saving Fusion products and as far as AMD tells its partners its still on schedule for a 2011 launch.

Fusion is based on the 32nm process and other sources are implying that the CPU core will end up very similar to existing Phenom K10.5 cores. There will be at least three iterations, one dual, one quad and one dual with low power.

We can also tell you that this chip uses exclusively DDR3 memory and lets not forget that it has graphics core integrated.

The most power efficient Llano Fusion chip will need only 20W, and if you compared this with Core i5 5x0UM series, it gets really close as Arrandale in 32nm with 45nm graphics has only 18W TDP. Intel's 2011 chip based on Sandy Bridge with GPU and CPU on one monolithic core with 32nm CPU and GPU should have similar TDPs, close to 18W. Of course, this is the best case scenario.

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