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Athlon II X2 270u comes in Q3 2010

by on20 July 2010
2.0GHz, 25W dual-core
AMD has one more ultra low power based on C3 revision of the Regor dual-core and this time we are talking about the Athlon II X2 270u low power CPU. This is a 25W dual-core that supports DDR3 1333, has 2MB of cache and fits in AM3 motherboards.

This model tops the previous king of this market, the 25W Athlon II X2 260u clocked at 1.8GHz. For a new core revision, the Athlon II X2 270u offers a lot, as it has a 200MHz higher clock, but still retains the same 25W TDP.

Low power computing enthusiast will definitely be happy about this CPU but the only thing is that these products are priced quite high, but a 25W TDP obviously has to have its price.

If you don’t really need a 25W TDP you can get an Athlon II X 260 at 3.2GHz and 65W TDP for $75 which is half the price of Athlon II X2 270u.
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