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Ivy Bridge 22nm may launch in early 2012

by on24 November 2010

Q4 2011 production


There is an indication that Intel won't launch its Ivy Bridge 22nm series in Q4 2011 as some expected. This doesn’t mean that Intel’s CEO wasn’t telling the truth when he made the announcement at IDF, as Intel should most certainly ship the chips to partners in Q4 2011, and just not launch it.

This is what they did with Sandy Bridge 32nm monolithic core that is shipping as we speak but it will only get launch and available at CES after January 5th 2011.

Intel might change its mind closer to launch, but current roadmap and partner communication indicates that Ivy bridge 22nm should launch in first days of 2012, roughly a year after Sandy Bridge. CES 2012 maybe?

Intel knows that missing the holidays sales season is not particularly good idea, but also knows that not selling a huge stock of old chips is even worse. Intel wants to reinvent the market just like Apple did with the iPhone, and make people wait for January to buy new notebooks / desktops based on new chips.

iPhone 4 came in June 24th, the dullest possible summer day when just a few years ago no one would be thinking about buying a phone. This changed with Apple and Intel is hoping that it can do the same.

The trouble of other chip manufacturers, in particular AMD, is that Intel’s Ivy bridge is 22nm even if it ships in Q1 2012 is still comes a whole year before AMD’s 22nm products. This is a huge lead and AMD has yet to ship its Bulldozer in 32nm, promised for the first half of 2011.

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